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Find out in this chilling page-turner that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

The last thing Richard expected when moving out to the quaint little town of Salem in Massachusetts was to come face to face with an evil entity with powers beyond his wildest imagination. It was meant to be a peaceful move. A chance to embrace small-town living and make new friends. Little did he know was that he was about to experience horrors that far surpass anything he’s seen in a scary movie. An ancient spirit hellbent on bringing him unfathomable terrors lurks in the shadows of his new house. It wreaks havoc on his life and will stop at nothing to bring him as much suffering as possible. Will he defeat the evil gruesomely prowling in his attic? No one believes him after all. It’s him against the world. Or will he continue to be torn down by this cruel spirit that haunts him in the night?

Great for scary stories to tell in the dark, Halloween Stories, Spooky Stories & Creepy Stories for kids!

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