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Middle School, Identifying as non-binary and Acceptance. A page-turning middle-grade adventure for children aged 10-13. Now enjoyed by thousands of young readers!

Twelve-year-old JoJo is confused about his gender identity. He does lots of research and, after struggling, trying to decide what category he fits into, finally decides that he’s non-binary. The realization leaves him out in the cold as far as his best friend is concerned, who shuns him and wants nothing more to do with him.

His only support is from his mom and his English teacher, but he has started on a path from which there is no turning back, whatever the costs and whatever courage he must muster. Even his father is alarmed when he accidentally finds out, and JoJo feels as if he’s stumbling from one disaster to another.

Will he be able to win over the people who matter? Or will he have to abandon some along the way? Or pretend to be something he’s not?

Riley Middle School: Not He, Not She, Just Me