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Winter has spent her life growing up in a cold, exotic place: the North Pole. But her days are not as exciting as you might think. She fills her time with school and exploring the freezing white surroundings while her dad works for an oil company and her mom takes comfort at home. The only interesting thing around is an abandoned house that no one bothers with and the occasional rock she finds on her hikes.

Winter’s routine never changes until one day, she comes across a strange portal. When she steps through it, her life is about to get a lot more exciting than she ever wanted. Winter is thrown into a world drastically different from her own and has to figure out if she’s in danger, or just dealing with a completely new environment and strange new “friends.” Either way, she just wants to get home to the same white, flat, cold North Pole that she’s always known – but will she be able to, or is she trapped behind the portal forever?

Portal: Into the Unknown Adventure