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Anastasia knew three things in her life, that she was always hungry, usually cold, and was trapped in the middle of a huge woodland in a small village called Wolford. No one could make a living in the village because they were landlocked — surrounded by the Liya Kingdom whose rich landowners forbid the poor villagers from hunting and gathering food on the kingdom’s land.

The villagers of Wolford lived in terrible poverty, subsisting on berries and the occasional squirrel. They were too small a village, and too poor to go to war with the Liya Kingdom, so they simply suffered, and shivered, and hoped the harsh winters wouldn’t get harsher. Many villagers, like Anastasia, secretly ventured into the forbidden forest, only feet from the border of Wolford, to gather berries from the land of the Liya Kingdom owners.

Grateful for the unexpected harvest, and nervous about the strange sounds she kept hearing, Anastasia was about to head home with her treasures. As she turned she looked up into the face of the most beautiful unicorn she’d ever seen. The reins and saddle told her the unicorn belonged to Prince Charles of the Liya Kingdom. Assuming the unicorn was lost she named it Sunshine, and decided to lead it back to the village.

What happened next would change the course of Anastasia’s life, and transform her family, her village and her life in ways she could never have imagined. She’d learn that while Unicorns are powerful, magical creatures, the loyalty, courage, and bravery of family and friends is just as powerful.

As Anastasia works to rescue Sunshine and return her to Prince Charles of Liya, she encounters Unicorn magic, a dark night alone in the woods with Sunshine, a kidnapping, deceit from strangers, prison, despair and the love of her family and the villagers of Wolford. She realizes some people can be cruel and merciless, and others kind and loving. And most of all she learns that Unicorns need people as much as people need Unicorns.

Magic of The Unicorn