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What is the first gift you ever received? When presented with this question many of us will scour our memories, trying to recall a distant holiday or the story of the teddy bear that was gifted by a grandparent on the day of our birth. Few consider the gift that many of us were given before we even took our first breath—a name. Names can be new gifts, shiny andunused. They can be borrowed from a favorite work of art or a cherished television show. Names can be an heirloom passed through the generations, kept in the family, like a cherished jewel. Names can be many things, but as with most gifts we will receive in life, names can be returned if they no longer fit. The reality of it is, when exploring the world of gender identity, many find that the name they were given no longer fits.

In the pages that follow, you'll find over two thousand gender-neutral names. To help you navigate your choices, we've added a few helpful features. Beside each name is a box that can be used to mark, rank, or initial the name it sits next to.

Throughout the book, you'll also notice intentionally blank lines and boxes. These are for you to record your own names, practice writing names from the book, and take brief notes as you read.

Lastly, you have a page for listing names you've found on your own. You can also use it as a space to list all of your name choices as you narrow them down.

2000 Non-Binary Names: A Guide to Gender-Neutral Names